What is Talent+?
Talent+ is biometric solution for the authentication, management and administration of employees, specially developed for security guards, hostesses and talents.

The Talent+ in details:
Talent+ enables transparent authentication, management and administration for the employees of various agencies (security guards, hostesses, talents etc.). The system ensures safe and cost effective workforce authentication, while providing accurate information for the employer about the workers at the given event. As a result of the palm vein recognition based biometric authentication system, identity fraud related security risks and abuses can be absolutely eliminated. The Talent+ is a simple to use, fast and reliable solution, which is perfectly suitable for the safe running of events with a large number of employees. After the employees’ biometric authentication, the employer can easily make sure that the person is actually listed in the event’s database of employees and has a valid license and not on the blacklist.

Main benefits of using Talent+:

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Reduced security risk
  • Easy to install
  • ~1 second authentication time
  • Simple to use
  • Increased efficiency
  • External injuries do not affect the authentication quality